Upcoming Penguin 2.0 Information – Matt Cutts Video Update!

Hey everyone it’s been over two years since I’ve posted on this blog. I got back from two years in Hong Kong. Well anyways I have been getting back into the world and trying to get an update on SEO after so long out of the loop. Well Matt Cutts (head of Google’s SEO team) has a great new blog post explaining some points about how to prepare your website for the Penguin 2.0 update coming some time this summer.


Basically make sure you’re not purchasing any links, or getting links to your website from spammy websites then you should be okay. Try to avoid anything Black Hat, and you’ll be good! I’ve noticed that using the Google Webmaster Tools disavow link too works pretty good for bad links. Check it out!

Great Deals From Amazon.com!

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You can get great deals on laptops, book, computers, electronics, jewelry, and much more at Amazon.com! Just click through my link and you can find many great products they have to offer!

Just Got The Brand New Google Chrome OS CR48 In The Mail!

It’s been quite a while since I posted here on NatHat but that is because I haven’t really had too much to post. Well anyways, when I got home today I had a mysterious package at my door. It just so happened it is a CR48 Chrome OS Laptop, and I’m type on it right now. I look forward to testing it over the next few days but so far so good. It’s a great laptop with no branding, and it’s very very very fast and stable. The screen looks great and the keyboard is great to type on.

It says it comes with Verizon 3G for a year, 100MB a day. It has a webcam and it took my picture when I first got it and it created an account. Basically it’s just a web laptop – which is pretty much all anyone could need. I’ll try and post more about it over the next few days!

UPDATE: My Recent Internet Marketing Success!

This post is a follow up about my recent success in the online marketing realm. During the month of January I averaged $15.39 a day from this certain technique. While this isn’t anything amazing, it doesn’t hurt to have the extra cash. Towards the end of January and the start of February I was getting excited. I was pushing my daily profits to between $50-$70 with approximately 2 hours of work a day. This was great because if I kept it steady for a month, that would be $1500-$2100 a month! Not to mention I would probably be making well over $500 in AdSense. Well the problems started sometime around the 5th of February. For some reason the technique I was using started to fail. As you can see from the picture I went from averaging around $60 a day to $15 a day. I still haven’t figured out how I’m going to get my profits back up to where they should be, but in the mean time I’m working on other avenues with some different, more solid websites with potential revenue.

Well I’ll probably update you all again on how things are going towards the end of the month, and hopefully I will have found a way to get my profits back up. But until then good luck with your internet marketing!

My Recent Internet Marketing Success!

As you can probably tell if you’ve ever glanced through my posts, I try to make money online. Sometimes I have success, and sometimes I… let’s just say I fail. Well over the past month I’ve been trying a new money making technique and it seems to be doing quite well. I started working on this right after Christmas and I’m already up to $30 to $40 a day. (Proof below)

As you can see from the picture to the left, I started out the month rather slow averaging about $5 a day. At the time that measly $5 a day seemed great! Especially considering the extremely low amount of effort and time I put into each day. Looking back it’s pathetic, now that I’m more familiar with the system I’m using to generate this particular source of income. And the best part – the picture with my statistics doesn’t even show all of the money – I’m generating an additional $5 to $10 each day with AdSense!

As for views, I was averaging a few hundred a day with the exception of the past 3 days in which I’ve been testing a slightly different approach to obtaining traffic. I think I’m going to stick with what I’m currently doing to get the high amount of daily page views because I’m trying out an additional form of monetization that will hopefully had a few hundreds additional dollars of income each week. On a side note, notice the 12,000 visitors with an average time on site at over 3 minutes each – That’s over 600 hours! Pretty awesome considering I’ve put less than 30 hours into this!

Here’s the traffic report:

I’ll be sure to update you all in the following weeks on how this is going. My guess is that in the near future I’ll be able to get $50 a day out the method with a little more effort and refining. Who knows, I may even be generous enough to share this little technique with some of you in my next post ;) Don’t get you’re hopes up too much, because if I ever did tell anyone how to do this the $40 a day would definitely shrink with the competition.

Grooveshark.com – Listen to Music Online for Free

I’ve been listening to music online for years. Pandora and Playlist have always been great sources for listening to music online. One of the things that separates Pandora from the rest is that you pick a song or an artist, and they find similar songs and combine them into a playlist for you to listen to. This is great for finding new music, although I have found it to be more of an annoyance than doing what it’s intended for – helping you find new songs and artists.  The downside to Playlist in my opinion is the ease of using their website. Well a few months ago I stumbled across Grooveshark – An awesome website for listening to music. It’s recently been re-designed which makes it even easier to use. So if you’re looking to find a specific song, give Grooveshark a try.

iStockPhoto.com – Purchase Rights to Pictures! Hundreds of Thousands of Photos!

iStockPhoto.com is a great place to purchase images to display on a website, school assignments, or whatever else you feel like! They cost starts at around $1 an image, and goes up depending on how large of a picture you’re looking for. I’ve personally purchased over 30 credits of pictures and I am satisfied with each and every picture. Give them a try and you won’t be regretting it!

Textbroker.com – Copywriting At It’s Best!

I recently acquired a domain name that just so happened to be a highly searched diabetes term. After getting the CMS installed and doing all of the necessary modifications, the only two things I was missing were Content, and Links. As you can probably tell, I’m not the best writer. When I sit down and actually think about it I can usually pump out a few articles, but this never frequent enough. I decided it would be good to try to find someone to write for me. I hadn’t spent very much time searching for copywriters up to this point, just every now and again I would search for some cheap Indians to write for me. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone that could type proper “Inglish” that didn’t cost a fortune.

I now began my search into finding some copywriters. While I was talking to one of my friends Mark Butler over @ The Keyword Academy he referred me to TextBroker. I’ve had around 10 articles written with them and I’ve only had to send 2 of them back for revisions. They charge between $0.01 and $0.02 per word, depending on the quality you desire. I’ve only used the $0.02 4-star writing so far and I’ve been very impressed. Give them a try today! They’re awesome and will get your articles written in just a day or two, sometimes hours.

Largest Affiliate Marketing Check To Date! $911.02 From Commission Junction!

First off I am sorry for not writing anything on this website for over two months! I still struggle by getting caught up in only writing for my niche web-blogs and completely forgetting about NatHat. Well in the mail I received check I’ve been anticipating since the end of September! I figured I would snap a quick picture with my phone and tell you all about my recent success in the world of AM (Affiliate Marketing). While this may seem a minuscule amount to some of you, this is almost double my average monthly AM income. This is my first check from Commission Junction specifically, and hopefully the amounts will continue to show growth!

CJ Check1

NatHat.Com Website Traffic – The Horror Of 666


I’ve been writing for over a year on this blog, and have slowly but steadily had increased traffic. Everything was going great in early June. Then came June 26, 2009…

I had a massive amount of traffic on that day thanks to StumbleUpon with many people reading my Why Is Windows 7 Amazing post. At first I was ecstatic. Until I saw the official number the next day when I check my Analytics – 666.

I knew after that moment, my blog was cursed. And I have the statistics to prove it. Before the incident I was receiving 30 to 40 hits a day. After, an almost instant drop to 10-20. That’s a 50% drop! And months later I’m still receiving the same amount.

Moral of the story – Don’t Do Drugs. Oh, and watch out for the number 666.

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